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Blue sky surrounded by green tree tops

Corporate, Social & Environmental Responsibility

We understand that it is our responsibility to protect the environments that we build in. We are committed to preserving the surrounding landscapes and protecting their character through sustainable methods and approaches.

CGI of new homes at Anstey Way Development in Instow North Devon

Sustainability, energy efficiency & desirability

Chichester Developments is acutely aware of its responsibility to ensure our homes blend into the surroundings whilst minimising environmental impact.

As well as incorporating beautiful landscaping within our developments, we also seek to include innovations in design, materials, and construction techniques in order to optimise sustainability, energy efficiency and desirability.

We work alongside a local Waste Management contractor who handles the segregation and disposal of waste generated across all our developments. They also collect valuable data which enables us to make better informed decisions when sourcing and ordering new materials.

Group of girls in a huddle on a football field

Supporting the local community

We are proud of our history in giving back to communities where we live, work and build new homes.  

As well as providing affordable housing, our commitment as a developer has led to contributions in the past 5 years in excess of £1.5 million to local councils to assist with infrastructure projects, i.e. highway improvements, education, sporting facilities etc.

We are also pleased to have sponsored local sports teams and charities, as well as events such as the Appledore Book Festival.

Chichester Developments has been building high-quality homes and creating stunning developments in North Devon for over 25 years.
At the core of our success lies a team of dedicated professionals who bring expertise and a shared commitment to delivering quality homes to the local area.
Explore our developments. Whatever the price range or size, from first-time buyer properties to executive family homes and retirement bungalows, every aspect of the way we work remains constant.